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Since its formation, Recovery Management Group, LLC (CUSO) has established a proven track record as a professional and progressive Asset Recovery agency, offering experience, skill and integrity for Credit Unions while maintaining the dignity and professionalism, which they deserve and demand.  We provide Asset Recovery services to Credit Unions of all sizes. Increasing your cash flow is our goal.

Third-party debt Asset Recovery services play an integral role in our modern, credit-driven economy.  Recovery Management Group, LLC was created and designed to provide a unique Asset Recovery service to Credit Unions who provide or by their commitment to the community - extend credit to their members.


While recovering delinquent accounts is our business, helping your members resolve their debt issue is our commitment.  People on our staff are experienced in credit and Asset Recovery and are able to assist customers with their debt issue.

Choosing a professional Asset Recovery service to manage your delinquent & charged off accounts and other related tasks can be a difficult decision.  You want an agency that will represent your organization in a responsible and professional manner, and one that provides an above-scale rate of recovery while maintaining your public image.

By utilizing RMG's services, you can maximize your bottom line and ensure that your members are handled properly.  Careful selection of a third party Asset Recovery agency will strengthen your bottom line and helps you to retain members, leading to a more profitable future.

Give us a call to discuss how Recovery Management Group, LLC can assist your Credit Union with your delinquency and charged off accounts.

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